Give yourself the gift of perimeter protection this festive season

With Christmas only a few weeks away, how secure will your business be during the shutdown period?

Many businesses close over Christmas and New Year, often leaving high value assets on site.  You may have a CCTV and alarm system installed, but these can only detect intruders after they’ve broken in.

Good perimeter protection detects movement at the fence line, defends against break-ins and importantly, deters would be intruders.  If your building appears difficult to get in and out of then it’s far less likely to be targeted.

While a fence is a basic requirement for perimeter security, a determined intruder can still climb over it or even cut through it.  A Gallagher monitored pulse fence acts as a deterrent as it has an electric current running through it, which delivers a short, sharp shock to anyone who touches it.  

Some premises use a fence topper such as barbed wire, however a monitored pulse fence offers a safer alternative. Combined with fence detectors, an alert will be immediately sent to your mobile device, notifying you if it has been tampered with.

A Gallagher monitored pulse fence incorporates access to Gallagher Command Centre, integrating all site security and enabling you to manage the fence, CCTV, lighting, door access, gate control and more, all from the one platform. Combine this with the flexibility to access your system anytime, anywhere, from your laptop or mobile device, and Gallagher offers a total site solution.

Protecting your site is important year round.  Ewen MacLeod owner of AT Brown (Coaches) in Telford, Shropshire, remembers when his coach company was the target of regular diesel theft. Frustrated by the cost of ineffective mobile patrols, and regular business disruption caused by damaged coaches and stolen diesel, Ewen installed a monitored pulse fence around his site.  Since installing the system two years ago, theft is no longer a problem, costs are down and staff morale has greatly improved.

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