Monitored pulse fence provides years of perimeter protection

In 2006, George Allinson Transport invested in a Gallagher monitored pulse fence to protect its lorry depot in Darlington.  Eleven years later the system is still going strong and protecting the business and its assets.

Owner, David Allinson, said: “The reason we invested in a monitored pulse fence was to deter trespassers.  We have a number of high value assets, which can attract unwanted attention.  If we were to have any of these assets stolen it would cause major disruption to our business and more importantly our customers, resulting in a loss of money for both parties.


Gallagher approved channel partner, GALFEN, who installed the system, visit the site twice a year to carry out any maintenance that is required and ensure all zones are working as they should be.  David continued: “The system needs little maintenance however ensuring that GALFEN check it out on a regular basis helps protect the longevity of the fence and gives us peace of mind that the system continues to protect our site.”

Having a perimeter security system such as a Gallagher monitored pulse fence deters, detects any disturbances and defends if anyone attempts to break into the premises by delivering a short, sharp shock.  David continues:  “The system has proved to be a great and valuable investment in the need to ensure the perimeter of our site is protected from intruders.”

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